Avoid Body Drought — How to Prevent Dehydration

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It’s in every living cell, tissue and organ, and it’s second only to oxygen as the thing we need most to survive—pure, clean water. We can’t live without it, and we can’t live well without enough of it. We are constantly in need of water as we lose water with every breath and every activity of the body. We are especially at risk for dehydration when we exercise or we are ill—this is when dehydration, even mild dehydration, can take its toll, causing you to feel tired and drained of energy. Anyone may become dehydrated, but young children, older adults and people with chronic illnesses are most at risk.

Dr. Julie Scarano, a doctor of chiropractic who is trained in prevention and wellness (in addition to providing care for neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as neck or back pain, for which chiropractors are most well known) believes it’s better to prevent dehydration than to treat it. She also reminds you that the 23 intervertebral discs in your spine have high water content and that dehydration can be associated with spinal pain.

Here are some preventative tips to help avoid dehydration:

•    Choose your beverages wisely. Avoid or limit fruit juices, sodas, alcohol and high-sugar sports drinks.

•    Drink a glass of water during and between meals, as well as before, during and after exercise.

•    Plan outdoor activities for cooler parts of the day.

•    Eat foods that are high in water content, such as fruits and vegetables.

•    Make water your go-to beverage of choice.

Unless you are socially inept, the wow-factor is what you’re looking for when you give your holiday gifts. That perfect present that makes the recipient pause and say, “Wow!”

But with a cornucopia of choices—including a seemingly endless stream of online offers — you need to consider what your gift is saying about you when it’s unwrapped.

The right gift, as consumer behavior expert Kit Yarrow has written, “can enhance connections between people.” A terrible one? Well, we’ve all had to smile graciously, while mentally distancing ourselves from someone who’s present screamed, “Clueless.”

Here’s what your “wow” gifts say about you:

While some women might be thrilled to receive a huge bottle of expensive perfume, others might interpret such an “easy” present the same way one New York writer did when her now ex-boyfriend gifted her after she spent weeks hunting down the perfect briefcase for him: “It just seemed like something he picked up at the airport duty-free store.” Ouch.

•    I understand your passions. While an Italian roadster may be out of the question for most of us, there is a whole social marketing industry that offers gift certificates for “experiences,” such as a few hours behind the wheel of exotic autos. Too Le Mans for you? There’s also tandem skydiving and whitewater rafting.

•    I’m cooler than you think. If you’re kids roll their eyes, and accuse you of being stuck listening to ’70s music, buy them tickets to the hottest concert in town (Hint: Britney Spears is out. One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are in.)

One caveat: If you’re thinking of contributing to a charity in someone else’s name, make sure it’s a cause they believe in as much as you do. Otherwise, the message you may be (unwittingly) sending is, “Enough About You, It’s All About Me.”

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